This framework handles equipment automation requirements of complex semiconductor manufacturing process. It is modular and highly flexible with a spectrum of features. The full suite provides a total solution and the individual modules allow OEMs to buy only the features that will add value today and rapidly move ahead with the needs, which may evolve in the future. The EMC300 framework is very robust and needs only minimal customization, saves 70-85% effort and schedule of equipment automation system development Two version of EMC300 framework are offered, one on COM/DCOM technology and other on .NET.


EMCVision is an extremely flexible and customizable User Interface framework based on Microsoft® technologies. This 'SEMI E95 touch screen compatible Human Machine Interface standard' compliant framework, acts as a container for custom screens and allows the user to navigate through those screens. Developers are provided with a screen wizard, which can be used for making EMCVision compliant screens. Two versions of EMCVision are offered, one on COM/DCOM technology and other on .NET.


ECCSim is a powerful SECS (SEMI Equipment Communications Standard) communication tool that can be used to simulate Host or Equipment behavior in Semiconductor Fabs. ECCSim can also work as a spy to monitor the communication between Host and Equipment to diagnose communication issues. HoTSim provides built-in SEMI standard scenarios such as E40, E87, E90, E94, E30.


EMCt200 is a 200mm semi standard compliant software solution for integrating semiconductor equipment to factory host. EMC200's open framework architecture helps developers to do their own integration with any kind of cluster tool software. EMC200 is based on COM/DCOM technology and can easily be integrated with third-party software.


The EMC Recipe is a state-of-the-art tool set that allows process engineers to take control of their R&D process chamber in a matter of hours. It automates process experiments, speeding iterations and characterization, while retaining and indexing all the data that the experiments generate.


EMCBrain is a tool to build, debug and execute complex logics for wafer processing execution sequences, vacuum sequences and IO interlocks. The user-friendly GUIs help the user to drag and drop the logical blocks, execute it in debug mode and build complex logics. This is one of the most powerful tools of EMC family of products.


EMCBridgeA, is a fully compliant Interface A solution for secure, seamless and robust equipment data acquisition. Compliant to the SEMI standards E120, E125, E132 and E134, EMCBridgeA, bridges the gap between data and information to facilitate real-time and reliable communication.